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In the light of Covid-19, The Happiness Company have written a user-friendly book for families to better address the side-effects, fears and misconceptions related to any pandemic.

Lisa and the Covid Monster” is a typical scenario of how many children are feeling from the messages that they hear regarding the corona virus, and how their imaginations are affecting them.

This book will give parents and caregivers a platform to address unseen and misunderstood aspects of any crisis. It is a unique aid in communicating information in children-friendly ways and teaches us how to stay healthy and happy through any challenge.

All children deserve help in resolving their fears and learn that there is always something that can be done to better one’s situation.

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Lisa and The Covid Monster

by The Happiness Company

About The Happiness Company

The Happiness Company is a company that provides counseling, courses, workshops and camps/retreats on health, happiness and functional living. Our company puts its emphasis on educating, training and supporting people into becoming the best version of themselves. Our staff comes from many different backgrounds and disciplines, that gives us the ability to confidently guide others on their way to a happier life. We’re a unique company that is dedicated to bringing more happiness to the world through our activities and services. In many ways we are more a movement than a company. A movement of Happiness!

Our Mission

Our mission is simply to change the world one smile at a time!  We believe in the contagious chain reaction of happiness – that when you make an effort to be happy, and you share that feeling with somebody else, suddenly and magically the world becomes brighter and problems become lighter! We believe that even a small group of happy people, can make a big impact on creating a more prosperous, kind and loving world.

Happiness is a choice – and we’re here to make those choices easier!

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