The story behind the story

The year 2020 will definitely go down as a year filled with unimaginably bad news besides the suffering and deaths from the pandemic of Covid-19, people that owned businesses lost them, children that wanted to go to school had to stay at home, all free time activities and social events were cancelled, everyone was told not to travel, not to see their loved ones, except in the confines of your own home.

Why another blog

Most of us are fed up or overrun with blogs… a term that hardly existed thirty-years ago. There are so many blogs that they are now becoming less popular and have been replaced by the instant gratification of mediums like TikTok or Instagram. Many people don’t want to read or think, they just want to be entertained in short uncommitted segments of their life. So, the question is: “Why are we wasting our time writing another blog?”

The parent trap

Parents have questioned the necessity to continually giving orders to their children in trying to meet time pressure of school and society, such as: “brush your teeth”, “Put on your clothes”, “eat your breakfast”, “hurry up”, “get in the car”, buckle your seat belt” and on and on. As parents, these are phrases we often repeat every day and one has ever told us how to make this fun rather than a robotic necessity.