You know the experience when you feel like everything is working against you, and you don’t see a way out?

Should it happen again, here’s how you can handle it!

We’ve all had periods where the odds seem to be working against us. It’s not a great feeling and in times like this it is easy to go into agreement that the circumstances are hopeless. We many times go into agreement with the negative and find many other things to support the feeling that “the world is against me”.

In our human development, we have learned that we should escape anything that is unpleasurable. This comes from the fight or flight-response. In today’s world it means escape through alcohol or other drugs, TV, gaming, sex, comfort foods, shopping, and many other addictive behaviours.

This could seem innocent and fun in the beginning, but over time it can become an addictive escape.

For each time you choose not to handle a problem, that problem grows larger and harder to confront!

So, how do you handle these intimidating problems?

The secret word is: confront!

You have to confront it and take full responsibility for whatever happens!

You have to look for solutions to find them!

You have to change your mindset from “shit happens” to “happiness happens”!

You have to take responsibility for the situation, and you may have to activate the fight-response to defend your position.

You might not be able to fix it immediately, but every small step you can take will make a difference. The moment you take responsibility and start to do something to fix your situation, is the moment the situation will start getting better.

However, if there are no immediate solutions for your identified problem, then you should look at other areas in your life that you can change. Is there something you can confront or some problem you can solve?

This can be as easy as cleaning your room/house, handling unanswered emails/messages, pay unpaid bills, or call somebody you’ve been thinking of contacting a long time.

If you don’t have any undone tasks – create some! Give yourself more challenges, and give your confront-level a real workout!

Just like a marathon-runner who continually train to build the endurance to win, you have to train your ability to confront, so that it becomes natural and easy should harder times present themselves. You have to be “in shape” to handle life!

And, as long as you remember life is a roller coaster, and an arrow has to be pulled back to shoot forward, you’ll be just fine!

Happiness happens!

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