Most of us are fed up or overrun with blogs… a term that hardly existed thirty-years ago. There are so many blogs that they are now becoming less popular and have been replaced by the instant gratification of mediums like TikTok or Instagram. Many people don’t want to read or think, they just want to be entertained in short uncommitted segments of their life. So, the question is: “Why are we wasting our time writing another blog?”

When creating The Happiness Company AS, it was with the intention of creating a movement of happiness. At that time, we knew “just spreading happiness” wouldn’t give us sufficient income, and we knew we needed to do some further groundwork. We helped people through running a medical detox, private consultations, physical training etc. But even though we earned money to keep our lives going, we still felt we needed to get our message out there, because, well, the world was still going to shit.

Global warming, rise in suicide, drug addiction, war, hunger, divorces, crime, bullying, there are endless of bad things going on, and there’s always room for more happiness. Our idea was that if we can help some people feel happier, then they will be able to spread that happiness onto others, and we can create a wave of goodness.

But how will that help with global warming, you ask? Well, do you think it’s the happy person or the unhappy person that throws the trash out the car window? Maybe you think it’s neither, it’s the unaware person and we totally agree!

But try to think back to a period in your life you were struggling, and then think of how much you were able to help others around you, how able you were to do chores in the house. You see where we’re going with this? When we’re not in pain, when we wake up in the morning feeling that extra energy we easily see the beauty in our surroundings. It’s much easier to take care of ourselves, our family, our animals and also our planet, when we are happy.

Therefore, with that in mind, we realized there needs to be a change of focus in our thoughts and our perceptions. We need to change the focus from how to fix all the things that are “wrong” to how we can create the good. We realized, to change people’s perceptions and perspectives there needs to be communication, a dialogue and an open conversation about change. There is a need for this type of education and that’s not as easily done with 10 second videos. And, this is why we are adding another blog despite the decreasing trend.

We wish to be another voice in the eternally huge ethernet. We wish to give people inspiration to make changes, to have good arguments in dialogues, to feel good about their decisions in life.

Everyone has tried to have a discussion on important topics trying to change somebody’s point of view and found that it wasn’t an easy job. Just try to look at vegan activists standing in the streets trying to make people aware of the cruelty that exists in the meat and dairy industry. Or, look at health care professionals trying to help people to quit smoking. What they’ve all realized is that in the end, people must make up their own mind and find their own motivation, but it’s obvious that they can’t do that without the information on what’s wrong, why they should change, and some expectation on what’s waiting on the other side.

There are over 570 million blogs on the web! And, now we are one of them. A fish in the sea. Yet all we really need to make an impact is for one person to get our concepts. Because, one person can impact a lot of other people, and they can continue the ripple effect. We hope that people who are ready and want to have their perceptions changed will search for something related to happiness and find some answers here. We will provide something new, something real and something practical. The last thing we want is to waste your time with silly advertisements, and never get to the point.

AS the saying goes, “Time is of the essence” and we have to make choices as to how we parse out our time.

If you want to succeed in life and at the same time help others live better lives and save the planet – join our mission of putting happiness in the spotlight!

Let’s turn happy hour into something actually positive and uplifting.

Let’s turn “shit happens” into “happiness happens”.

Join our mission today, support our continual work and please contact us with your ideas and inspirations on how you can contribute to this wonderful effort! We all have special talents and gifts, and we would love to hear what you have to offer! It is from our collective energy that we will find a new way of seeing our world and create a better and happier future!

Peace out, and happiness in!